Since 2018 CCO (and OAP) Billy McGrath has been winding down Sideline Productions and in 2021 (post-COVID) Billy has made a decision to ‘get off the road’ to enjoy life, family, and the future. Instinctively though Billy can’t avoid creating or backing commercial hits. So Sideline now is purely a content creation company with one employee! This highly experienced content creator/producer/director is currently focused on originating scripted material and feature-length docs plus working as a script editor/doctor; EP or project consultant (with writers/producers) either in development, production, or in post.

With a Writer’s Tax Exemption Cert (since 2017) and an MA in Screenwriting (IADT) completed, he is happy to work ‘on spec’ with like-minded commercial creatives if the idea is strong enough and can also personally fund any project to a Bible, Treatment, Sizzle, 1st Draft or Pilot if required. Usual T&Cs apply.

Contact if you are remotely interested.