The Grintage team enlisted the help of Clisare to find out once and for all – What’s The Worst County In Ireland?

After so many months has anything changed? But what we found out on a cold Dublin day is that Irish people love nothing more than having a good whinge about a rival county. But if you’re from any of the nominated counties, don’t take it personally- it’s only their opinion and they didn’t even have to explain their reasons, but most of them did, and it got pretty weird. You won’t find these answers on Discover Ireland. Take a look for yourself.

Begs the question though – What is the BEST Irish county in summer? 

Remember that ‘secret diary’ you wrote when you were a teenadult? (you do remember pen & paper?) … Nobody was allowed to read it and you wrote KEEP OUT in big letters on the front to make sure that family members searched hi and lo to sneak a peek  … and you wrote in a shorthand that only you could understand … about your 1st time (to do anything) … 1st crush, 1st shift, 1st year … and then years later when you move out of home there it is stuck at the bottom of the smalls drawer. MORTO!

Now Mayo girl Clare Cullen aka Clisare shares the diary secrets of .. ahem .. ‘a friend’ with strangers on the streets of her new hometown of Dublin