Comedy Showhouse – ‘Colm O’Regan Wants A Word’

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Comedy Showhouse – ‘Colm O’Regan Wants A Word’

COLM O’REGAN – comedian, radio presenter, star of Kilkenomics and best-selling author of the ‘Irish Mammies’ series – brought his unique brand of storytelling to RTE Radio 1 last Monday May 2nd. The first of two shows was title Colm O’Regan Wants a Word in Private (listen to it HERE) with the 2nd part (COR WAW In Public) airing on Monday June 6th at 1.30pm

COLM O’REGAN WANTS A WORD is a humorous two part tour around the inventive brain of the Cork born comedy writer and performer as he explores one of his favourite subjects –

our use of language. In each entertaining half hour show Colm introduces guests, actors, audience vox pops and spoof radio ads to illustrate his argument that that Irish have a unique and funny way of talking. In each episode Colm will be ‘wanting a word’ about a variety of topics.

I’ve always been fascinated with words. I love the sounds of them, the meanings of them and the accents we say them with’.

The first episode aired on Monday May 2nd (listen HERE) also starred comedy actors Paul Tylack and Tara Flynn.

Colm is from a small Cork village called Dripsey – ‘ it’s one of those Irish place names that gets translated from the Gaelic into English and sounds weird – it sounds more like the kind

of disease you’d catch in a Charles Dickens novel!!

COLM O’REGAN WANTS A WORD was staged live at the Project Arts Centre as part of Comedy Showhouse for RTE Radio 1 &  produced in association with and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television licence fee.

The 6 part comedy panel series Don’t Quote Me! with host Sean Hughes, Karl Spain, Al Porter, Fiona Looney and Andrew Maxwell will air in July 2016

COMEDY SHOWHOUSE featured 18 half hour episodes of original Irish radio comedy. The shows will be broadcast throughout 2016 on RTE Radio 1 starting with COLM O’REGAN WANTS A WORD on two Bank Holiday Mondays – May 2nd (HERE) with episode 2 on Monday June 6th at 1.30pm.

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