IFTA nominated Head Chef hit the screens on TV3 in 2011 and was the first Irish show of its kind on Irish TV, offering amateur chefs the chance of a lifetime. In this original Sideline format, Conrad Gallagher, the youngest chef to ever win a Michelin star, takes 8 kitchen hopefuls on a rollercoaster ride, training them towards becoming Ireland’s Head Chef.

Each episode sees our aspiring chefs challenged and encouraged by Chef Conrad who has a lifelong interest in training up new talent.  As each episode reaches boiling point, one hopeful hangs up their apron as their rivals continue their journey to win the title of Ireland’s Head Chef. As tantrums simmer and egos burnt out, who can handle the heat and who will be evicted from the kitchen?

The winner’s prize – €5000 cash and more importantly if the new chef impresses Conrad they could be offered a full-time job as Ireland’s next Head Chef!

After the success of the 8 part, one hour series, Chef Conrad went in search for Ireland’s Celebrity Head Chef.  Stripped over 5 nights on TV3 (Monday to Froday 9pm) the 8 Irish celebrities had to prove their cookery skills to Chef Conrad with only one being crowned celebrity Head Chef. At the end, ‘the queen of Irish entertainment’ Adele Kink (Twink) won the trophy and €10,000 for the charity of her choice.

HEAD CHEF format bible and viewing tapes available.