Original format Community Challenge was commissioned by RTÉ in 2006 and one of Sideline’s first commissions averaging 29% in a very competitive slot. This uplifting show saw professionals and experts combine their experience with the skills of the neighbourhood and over a short time, group together to produce something very special that all the local community could benefit from.

Architect Garry Miley was the overall project leader and worked with architects, engineers, the council, the planners and the community to ensure that the challenge was not only successful but followed all official guidelines. Co-presenter Katriona McFadden met the community and kept the volunteers on their toes, discovering the history of the projects and the town along the way. Among the community projects featured were; the revamp of a football dressing room, restoring a dilapidated church for the local scouting community and the building of a local community playground in just 5 days!

Community Challenge is a feelgood format so timely for international exploitation.

Production bible and screeners available.