Time to be a #YESman

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Time to be a #YESman

Irish musicians and artists encourage men to vote YES

Bob Geldof, Tracey Thorn, Tom Dunne, Steve Walls, Nick Seymour and Sharon Horgan are encouraging men to stand by women and vote YES to repealing the 8th.

A series of videos under the ‘Time To Be A #YesMan’ banner has been produced by Sideline Productions.

The subjects interviewed in various videos include Sharon Horgan, Bob Geldof, Steve Wall, Tracey Thorn, Tom Dunne and Nick Seymour.

They were shot during the recent Vinyl Festival, which took place at the RHK in Kilmainham.

Watch the collaborative video here:


Newstalk’s Tom Dunne is very Pro-life but he is still choosing to Vote Yes.



Bob Geldof  says that men “will never have to make the most difficult choice, that women through the centuries have been obliged to make” and that “You will and can never understand that awful choice but we can, as blokes, make that choice less awful, less painful, less dangerous.”


One half of Everything But A Girl, Tracey Thorn asks you to imagine if it was you.


BAFTA award-winning Irish comedy writer and actress, Sharon Horgan for #YESman


Steve Wall from Irish Rock band The Stunning gives us a new insight into the yes campaign.


Nick Seymour from Crowded House is voting Yes for his daughter.