Clubhouse Is Back!

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Clubhouse Is Back!

 CLUBHOUSE – A Sideline Production for TV3 – starts Thursday Feb 1st 10pm

TV3’s Clubhouse is back and this time hosted by award winning comedy actor Mario Rosenstock and one of Ireland’s best loved sporting heroes Donncha O’Callaghan.

Packed with chat, action and humour, the hour-long show wraps itself around the 6 Nations Rugby Championships with special guests, professional insights, entertaining chat and exclusive competitions.

Clubhouse’s focus is primarily Ireland’s journey in the 6 Nations and will complement TV3’s high impact coverage of the live games as star rugby guests e.g. Ronan O’Gara, John Muldoon, Alan Quinlan & Conor O’Shea – along with fans like horse racing legend AP McCoy and d’Unbelievable Jon Kenny, drop into the Clubhouse in the first two shows.

In the packed audience will also be members of regional rugby clubs who have all competed in the special Drop Kick Challenge filmed in grounds across the country.

As Clubhouse is recorded as live, the shows are bound to be fun, unpredictable and above all a celebration of Irish rugby presented by two of the brightest stars in Irish TV Mario Rosenstock and Donncha O’Callaghan. For both talents, this is a new adventure in their individual stellar careers to date. We know who is the tallest but the big question is who provide the comedy? As Mario is taking on the role of a co-host, there is plenty of room for the natural funny Donncha to shine.

CLUBHOUSE with Mario and Donncha – Thursdays 10pm TV3 with a Friday 11pm repeat.

 A Sideline Production for TV3


For audience tickets please email – please note that all shows from Thursday Feb 8th are recorded live on the night.